A breakdown of what Naetion is all about.

The Problem

<aside> 💸 Naetion has secured a $150m on a liquid valuation SAFT investment deal from Global Emerging Markets Group (Digital asset division, GEM Digital) in May 2022 to solve this problem. Naetion is on track to withdraw $3-5m within November to start with a $50m valuation


❗ Solution

Naetion offers an ecosystem of products that support ‘The New World of Work’ where workers earn more, enjoy more freedom, and take more control over the platform on which they make their living.

Businesses can leverage our on-chain talent network for efficient, and potentially lucrative hiring processes.

🤔 How

Our first step was building Quest:

Where everyday professionals can enter the Naetion ecosystem. Quest is a platform enabling users to showcase their skills, earn +100% revenue, and automate the boring stuff like invoicing, getting bookings, collecting payments. It’s all safe for users, and we perform vetting + KYC.

Users on Quest (Questers) earn 100% fiat, as well as bonus $NTN tokens. This just one of our huge competitive advantages over Web2 platforms like Fiverr and Upwork who charge 20-30% from their talent. Quest also tracks contributions and deliveries - meaning it’s a trusted resume to share around. Naetion is going live with v2 of Quest within November to around 10k (mostly web2) users.

Our next product is Paeyroll:

Businesses looking to hire globally face a lot of problems: Running payroll in multiple currencies, ensuring people are trustable, etc.

That’s where the Payroll Protocol comes in. It allows businesses to easily tap into our vetted talent network, and access one of our innovative, yield-generating ($NTN) digital job contracts.